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President's Report

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We are starting a new year, and with it comes new opportunities for 2019. I have been thinking about how 2018 went, and what I would like to do differently in 2019. I want to continue to grow in my career, so I am doing a self-inventory to figure out what I need to keep doing, what I need to stop doing, and what I need to start doing. I recently read an article on LinkedIn about work-life balance titled, “Leave the office on time.” There are several theories on work-life balance and how to achieve it. Some like to call it work-life integration, but I think everyone is unique and needs to find their own way to manage their responsibilities at work, home, and in personal lives. This LinkedIn article resonated with me and I wanted to share some of the ideas that the author discussed.

Work never ends. We need to find ways to manage our time wisely because there is always a project or other responsibility we need to take care of each day. Learn time management skills and stop trying to get everything done in a day.

Interest of a client is important, so is your family. Each day I get maybe two hours with my family in the evening. Is this enough? Give your family the time they deserve. Your family will enrich your life more than a client, no matter how good the client is.

If you fall in life neither your client or boss will lend you a helping hand, your family will. This sounds kind of harsh. Most bosses are trying to support and help their employees as best as they can, but that is the point. They “try.” Families will support you and lend a helping hand.

A person who stays late at the office is not a hardworking person. I have to admit that I was almost offended when I read this. The point is that we should look at what we are trying to accomplish by consistently working 10 to 12-hour days or over the weekend. Are we adding value and is it worth the impacts to your family? Use your time wisely and plan your day before it starts.

You did not study hard or struggle in life to become a machine. A machine can work 24/7 with the right fuel. I am human and can’t work 24/7. I need to take care of myself, so I can be a productive and valuable member of my team. Remember that you only have 24 hours in a day (8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work, and 8 hours for yourself).

This year the Utah Section would also like to give back to our community. The Utah Section Board has been discussing service opportunities for 2019 and ways to give back to our communities. We have decided on a couple activities.

First is working at the Ronald McDonald House. The Younger Member Forum (YMF) will be preparing a meal for the families who are staying at Ronald McDonald House. The Section will support the YMF, both financially and with volunteers. The meal is planned for February 28th and more information will be shared with ASCE members.

The second is an activity with Liberty Elementary School in Salt Lake City. This is a Title I school, and some of the students come from refugee or homeless families. One of the teachers recently watched the Dream Big movie from ASCE and got excited about showing the movie to their students. I met with the Principal and some of the teachers to discuss their vision for this activity. They want to show Dream Big to their student body and their families, and have an engineer visit each class in the school and do a fun activity. ASCE is teaming with ACEC to visit Liberty Elementary on February 19th to meet the students and show Dream Big. Mark your calendars. More information will be coming.

I am looking forward to 2019 and the opportunities it holds. I wish the best to all of you this year and am excited to see all the great things that ASCE members will accomplish.

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Northern Utah Branch Update

Todd Finlinson from UDOT gave us a great presentation in December. He was able to answer the questions that we had about the UDOT permitting system and give us an overall better understanding of the UDOT website and its resources.

                This month our luncheon presentation will be given by Dayton Crites, the Cache County Trails Planner. He will be speaking about future trail plans in Cache County and also about possible funding sources for these projects and others. Many of the local engineering firms are involved in various design and management roles for these trail systems and will enjoy this topic of special interest.

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Central Utah Branch Update


The CUB Luncheon for January will be presented by Dan Goodrich, a structural engineer at CKR Engineers.   In 2012, BYU decided to enlarge and upgrade the existing scoreboard displays for the football stadium.  The old scoreboards were outdated and undersized for a modern stadium experience expected by fans.  The original plan was to nearly double the size of the original scoreboards, along with increasing the height.  This presented some unique and challenging structural issues.  We will hear about the design challenges and solutions. 


Call for Presentation Ideas

CUB is still looking for presentation ideas for the upcoming months.  We are interested in having presentations on projects, research, historical information, and ethics discussions from across the civil engineering spectrum (geotech, transportation, water, structures, etc…).  Please contact Ben Willardson at bwillardson@cwecorp.com, or call him at (801) 310-6153 if you are interested in presenting to the group.  We would love to hear from you.

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Utah Geo-Institute Chapter

As we look ahead to 2019, we look forward to the following upcoming events:

·         International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 24-27th.  This GeoCongress is unique in that it focuses on bringing together researchers, practitioners, students, and policy makers from around the globe to share their lessons learned and case histories. Additional information and registration information can be found at the following website: https://www.geocongress.org/. 

·         The Utah Chapter was awarded a guest lecture from the ASCE Geo-Institute’s Cross USA Lecturer Program this year.  Dr. Paul Mayne will be lecturing to our membership on April 24th, 2019.  As part of the event, we are looking for sponsors to support refreshments and other event expenses. If you are interested, in being a sponsor for the event, please email ryanm@gerhartcole.com for details.

We would like to ask our members to let us know of topics or upcoming events of interest as we plan for 2019.  Thanks again for your continued support.

- Ryan Maw

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