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President's Report

This last month has been full of exciting opportunities with ASCE. On March 7th I had the opportunity to attend the ASCE Region 8 Assembly in Honolulu Hawaii. Just being in Hawaii was a fun experience, but it was topped off by spending the day with the amazing leaders of Region 8 to receive training and discuss ways to advance the goals of ASCE and bring more value to our members. The Region 8 Workshop was held the day before the Multi-Region Leadership Conference so Robyn Kemper and Tom Smith from ASCE Societal were able to attend as well and deliver a message to the Region and Section leaders. Attending these Region 8 Workshops have been one of my favorite parts of serving as the Utah Section President.

During the Region 8 Assembly we took a field trip to the Hawaii State Capital to meet with the Lieutenant Governor as the Hawaii Section released the State Infrastructure Report Card. Eric Arakawa, the Hawaii Section President, presented the report card and it’s finding with his committee. Eric had his committee members present the details of the report and then Robyn Kemper, this year’s ASCE President, took a few moments to talk about the importance of infrastructure and how ASCE can help the State meet their goals. The media attended the report card release event and I was able to read their report online the next day. I was encouraged by this event and made sure I talked to the ASCE Societal staff responsible for State report cards to let them know that Utah is beginning the process of updating our report card that was released in 2015. They are very supportive of our efforts and will come to Utah and train our committee as we begin the update.

We need ASCE members to serve on the Utah Infrastructure Report Card Committee. We have about five members on the committee so far but need much more help. We are also in need of a Project Director/Committee Chair to lead the efforts. If you are interested in serving on the committee or know of someone who would be a good Project Director/Committee Chairman, please contact me at cjf@jub.com. This will be an exciting opportunity and will give ASCE the opportunity to continue the dialogue with our State Leaders on the importance of infrastructure.

I also wanted to announce that the ASCE Utah Section Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday June 7, 2019 at Brigham Young University. The meeting will be held in the new BYU Engineering Building, and the faculty has offered to take us on a tour of their new labs. This will be a great opportunity to network with other ASCE members, listen to interesting presentations and see the new engineering building. Our ASCE Region 8 Director, Tony Lau, will be speaking at the meeting. Pleas mark your calendars for our Section meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Elections for the ASCE Utah Section will be happening this month. Each Branch and the YMF have submitted their nominations for new leaders and the Section will be sending out the ballot. Please take the time to vote for the new Section, Branch and YMF leaders and show your support for them by attending the annual Section meeting when they are sworn in. Serving in ASCE leadership positions has a lot of benefits and I encourage you to consider running for a position next year.

In addition to the ASCE Utah Section elections, Region 8 will be sending out a ballot for new Region Governors. Utah’s own Matt Roblez is running for Region 8 Governor. He has served the Utah Section in many capacities, even serving as Section President three times. The ASCE Utah Section Board has endorsed Matt for Region 8 Governor and I encourage you to vote for the candidate that you think will best serve ASCE.

I wanted to congratulate the ASCE Utah Section YMF for receiving the Digital Outreach Award from ASCE Societal. They have developed a great website and have done a lot to add value to the YMF members. Check it out at https://www.asceutahymf.com/.

There are a lot of great things happening in the ASCE Utah Section. We have great members that serve in many ways to improve our communities. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Section Meeting.

Craig Friant, PE, M. ASCE

Utah Section President

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Technical Article

City of South Salt Lake Project Manual and APWA Supplementary Standard Plans

Lingkun Li, EIT

In Salt Lake County, most cities have adopted APWA Standard Specifications and Standard Plans as their engineering standards for construction and development. The City of South Salt Lake is one of them, however, in some cases the APWA Standard Specifications and Standard Plans do not adequately represent our engineering requirements. As an Engineer in South Salt Lake City, developing supplementary specifications and plans is one of my duties.

Why we use APWA Standards?

The APWA Standards provide uniformity for design and construction that can be used to ensure project quality.

What changes have we made?

We have made some changes to both the Standard Specifications and the Standard Plans.

Changes to the Standard Specifications

The APWA Specifications are adopted as part of our project manual. Here are some documents we have added to the Project Manual.

  1. Introductory Information: including title page, table of contents, and list of drawings
  2. Bidding Requirements: including bid solicitation, instructions to bidders, bid forms, supplements to bid forms
  3. Contracting Requirements: including agreement forms, bonds and certificates, supplementary conditions, and addenda and modifications

We have also updated Division 01 – General Requirements to match our City’s requirements including Section 01 11 00 Summary of Work, Section 01 26 00 Contract Modification Procedures, Section 01 31 13 Coordination, and Section 01 33 00 Submittal Procedures

Other Divisions that have to be included in the Project Manual are determined on a project-by-project basis.

Changes on Standard Plans

Changes to our supplementary plans:

  1. We only allow Type A Curb and Gutter, Plan 205
  2. We only allow 4’ Waterway, Plan 211
  3. All new sidewalk width is 5 ft, Plan 231
  4. We have a new plan for Asphalt Pavement Patch (5 years or newer), Plan 255.1
  5. The whole panel will be replaced for Concrete Pavement Patch, Plan 256.2
  6. We only allow 47 ¾” Grate and Frame (D & L Supply Type I-1803) for city drainage systems, Plan 309, Plan 315.1, Plan 315.2, Plan 316, and Plan 372
  7. We only allow 27” or 30” Opening Concrete Deck, Plan 345
  8. We only allow Round Frame on Cover Collar for Storm Drains, Plan 362
  9. The catch basin will be under the curb and gutter, Plan 372
  10. We do not allow holes on sewer Frame and Cover, Plan 402
  11. We have added 9 road sections for new development, Plan 901.1, Plan 901.2, Plan 901.3
  12. If any requirements listed above cannot be met, it has to be approved by the City Engineer.

Our completed Supplementary Plans will be available soon.

What changes we are working on?

For the Project Manual, we are working with our legal department to bring them up to date with current state law and city ordinances.

Currently we are working with our urban planning department and parks department to create supplementary standard plans for planting and irrigation. On the Engineering side, once we find some common issues that need one or more standard plan(s), we will make the update. The State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality has provided A Guide to Low Impact Development within Utah. We are working to incorporate the LID standards into our Engineering Supplementary Standards.

Why we made the changes?

The three key words for sustainability are Environmental, Economic, and Social, or we call them Triple Bottom Line. As a City in the central Salt Lake area, we are working from all sides to improve quality of life for our residents. The engineering department has set a high standard for new development and construction to fulfill our sustainability goal. Some examples: by only allowing Type A Curb and Gutter, it will reduce our future maintenance cost (economic benefits); by widening our sidewalk, we will create more open space for our residents (social benefits); by prohibiting open-hooded grate and frame, we will reduce the possibility of storm water runoff being polluted (environmental benefits).

The engineering department is closely working with our partners, our residents, state agencies, engineering consultants, and other City departments to make our community a better place to live.

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Northern Utah Branch Update

On March 21st, the Northern Utah Branch met together for a tour of the Logan City Waste Water Treatment Facility. Mark Nelson, the project manager, used the construction plans to explain to us the different ideas that went into the design process and how they decided on the final design. He then took us on site to see construction of the auger-cast piles and mass excavation

On April 17th we are planning on having a presentation by Michael Smith from ACEC. He is going to talk about the latest updates from the legislature that are related to Civil Engineering. This will be our last luncheon presentation for the year. In May we are planning on having a closing social before the summer break.

 We have had an amazing year of well attended luncheons and we would like to give a special thanks to Nate Wright for organizing every one of them.             

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Central Utah Branch Update


The CUB met with the BYU Student Chapter on April 11th for their Capstone project presentations and a luncheon on the BYU Campus.   


Call for Presentation Ideas

CUB is still looking for presentation ideas for the upcoming months.  We are interested in having presentations on projects, research, historical information, and ethics discussions from across the civil engineering spectrum (geotech, transportation, water, structures, etc…).  Please contact Ben Willardson at bwillardson@cwecorp.com, or call him at (801) 310-6153 if you are interested in presenting to the group.  We would love to hear from you.

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Southern Utah Branch Update

We were privileged to hear from Michael Smith, Executive Director of ASCE, for our March Luncheon. Michael presented on the recent Utah Legislative Session, which included several bills that directly influenced the engineering field.


Our next activity/luncheon is scheduled for April 23rd. Clint Merrill, Secretary Treasurer of ASCE SUB, will be presenting on the Parowan EWP Forebay Project. The presentation will cover the hydrologic analysis, river stabilization, and construction management for the project.


We are continuing to develop a plan to promote “Dream Big” in our local schools.  


Aaron Anderson, Southern Utah Branch

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Utah Geo-Institute Chapter

Utah Geo-Institute (G-I) Chapter  By Ryan Maw & Taylor Hall

Looking ahead we wanted to provide the Utah G-I updates on the upcoming activities:

·         We encourage our members to participate in the 2019 Utah ShakeOut Day of Action on April 18th. Additional information on activities can be found at the website: https://www.shakeout.org/utah/howtoparticipate/?fbclid=IwAR0bMSgwg5R5BET0nRalyxPoOaQ2k26Vt8_ue7fABsoCzNZ9hQF_eYal9vw

·         We look forward to seeing our members at the ASCE Geo-Institute’s Cross USA Lecture, with Dr. Paul Mayne, on April 24th.  We are at room capacity and anticipate an interesting lecture with great discussion.

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