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President's Report

Greetings to all who are reading this message.  As I sit here writing at my computer from home, I am reflecting on all the ASCE Utah Section members and how our lives have taken such a quick turn these past several months.  Due to the Corona Virus pandemic most of us have had to change at least part of our daily routines.  For most of us we have had to spend some portion of our time working from home instead of the office, we meet in virtual meetings instead of face to face, and we have had to adjust our workflows to accommodate these changes.  While the changes were necessary, I want to shift the focus for a moment to some of the constants and those positives benefits that have also come about as a result of the new normal that we now live in.

While it is true that we have changed the way we work and live our lives, the constant here is that we still need to work and live.  This pandemic has given me the one thing that I did not anticipate, and that I highly value, more time with my family.  My personal routine has changed so that I no longer need to commute daily in and out of the office.  There is a significant amount of time each week that I can now dedicate to improving my work-life balance.  If my friends or family need my attention in the middle of the day, I no longer need to calculate my commute time, and account for lost work hours.  Now, I simply take a break from the work that I am doing and redirect my attention.  Conversely if I have a heavy workload, I no longer need to stay late hours at the office.  Instead I can work during the day, take a break for family in the late afternoon, and the log back into work from home in the evening.  This idea of a better work-life balance creates a symbiotic relationship between my work commitments and time with family.  It is my observation that as workers are able to find more happiness in their personal lives, they become more productive and happier in their work lives.

The other constant that I have perceived is the continued need to communicate with those around us.  The benefit that I have seen come out of this pandemic is the method of communication has necessitated an evolution to the use of virtual platforms, reducing the perceived distance between us.  Several months ago, my extended family chose to hold a “Zoom game night”.  We were able to bring family groups from 9 locations and several different states together as if we were only feet apart.  While we have always had this opportunity, the pandemic has brought it to the forefront of our attention and helped us take that first critical step from thought to action.  Once again, my work life has similarly benefitted.  Civil engineering nearly always is done in groups.  Where we once relied on in person group collaboration, we have been able to use technology and tools to expand our collaborative efforts to groups spanning different offices and different states.  As we learn to better communicate and collaborate, in spite of the physical distance, we are able to become more diverse work groups tapping into wider knowledge bases and skill sets to better serve our clients.

I realize that the Corona Virus pandemic is a serious matter with real people and real lives at stake.  For any of our ASCE members, friends, and extended acquaintances that have been affected by this serious virus, my heart goes out to you.  However, in this time of change and pandemic, I am also committed to uncovering some of the positives to help me achieve a better work-life balance and reduce the perceived physical distance between my friends, family, and colleagues.


Darren Burton

ASCE Utah Section President ‘20-‘21

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ASCE Vision

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Meet The Leadership

ASCE Region 8 Governor - Matthew Roblez

Matthew Roblez is a board certified structural engineer.  He is a co-owner of McNeil Engineering an award winning civil/surveying/structural engineering firm in Sandy, Utah.  He has served ASCE since his junior year in college (1991) at the University of Utah.  He has served as Wasatch Front Branch President, and Utah Section President (3 times).  In 2012 he co-authored the Utah Section Duties and Procedures manual that is still being used today.  He also won the honor of being named the Utah Section Engineer of the Year in 2017.  During his 3 times as Section President, he has enacted changes in the local government and issued many position statements on behalf of Section.  He has also has been chosen to appear many times on the local news concerning many different civil engineering issues.  He is currently serving as the Region 8 Governor for the Utah and Southern Idaho Section.  He is also a licensed professional wrestler and an ESPN college football commentator.

Utah Section President - Darren Burton

Darren Burton has been working in the construction industry for 21 years.  He started his engineering education at Salt Lake Community College, (SLCC), where after 5 years of night classes he graduated with his two year A.S. Pre-Engineering degree.  He continued his studies at the University of Utah, where in 2008 he graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  He is a season football &  gymnastics ticket holder and loves little more than to cheer on his alma matter in red with his wife and kids at his side.

Darren has been employed with Michael Baker Int. for the past 13 years, where he is currently a Project Manager in the Transportation Division.  He specializes in large design-build roadway projects which he thoroughly enjoys due to their fast pace, complexity, and opportunity to team with contractors and public agencies.  He has worked on projects in several states around the country.  Local roadways that he has helped to design include I-15 in both Utah and Salt Lake Counties,  Mountain View Corridor, Bangerter Highway, and US-89 in Davis County.  One of his favorite experiments when presenting to student groups is to list off all the roadways that he has worked on, then to try to find someone that has not driven on at least one of them.  So far he is undefeated.

ASCE was first introduced to Darren about 18 years ago with the student chapter at Salt Lake Community College.  He joined ASCE and held leadership positions in the student chapters at both SLCC and the University of Utah.  After graduation, he participated and joined the leadership of the Utah Section Younger Member’s Forum, the Wasatch Front Branch, and for the past year and a half has served in the Utah Section leadership.  He says the best part of being involved with ASCE is the friendships that you make as you all work together to serve the greater community.

It is with the deepest love and gratitude that Darren thanks his parents, Stephen & Connie Burton, his wife, Ashley Sprankle-Burton, and three kids, Dylan, Taylor, and PaisleyAnne, for the support and understanding that they have given to help him become who he is today.

Utah Section President-Elect - Mark Chandler

Utah Section Secretary/Treasurer - Troy Covill

I am currently the 2020-2021 Secretary-Treasurer for the Utah Section of ASCE. I was born in Morgan, Utah, then my family moved to Pinedale, Wyoming when I was 13. I attended the University of Wyoming, obtaining an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. During my studies, I developed an interest in geotechnical engineering, specifically in earthquake engineering and numerical modeling, and pursued a Master’s degree at the University of Wyoming. My chosen career path has now brought me back to Utah, working as a geotechnical engineer at Kleinfelder in the Salt Lake City area. When I am not busy being an engineer, I enjoy fishing, videogames, soccer, snowboarding, and spending time with close friends and family. I am excited to serve the ASCE Utah membership and look forward to meeting you all!

Utah Section Past President - John Diamond

Utah Section Web Page - Matt Ciuffetti

Utah Section State and Government Relations - Katherine Colburn

Utah Section Social Media Chair - Cade Walker


I am 27 years old and I live in the Salt Lake City area with my wife Ashleigh and our son Jude. I grew up in Rexburg, Idaho and as anyone who has been there knows, there isn’t much to do. So almost by default I love getting outside and spending time in the great outdoors. I love music and play several instruments and most of all I love being a dad!

I went to Utah Valley University and got my degree in Marketing. I have worked in the tech and entertainment industries in the past and I started at McNeil Engineering in December of last year. I absolutely love working at McNeil and being involved with engineering. I really look forward to being a part of the ASCE team and getting more involved in the space!

Utah Section Newsletter Editor - Erica Zaugg

Erica studied civil engineering whitle attending college at Brigham Young Univeristy. Her favorite part of college was her study abroad attending the Jerusalem Center in Israel for the January - April semester (even though there was no engineering). Erica recently recieved her PE license, and has worked for J-U-B engineering as a transportation Project Engineer for the past 2 years. Prior to that she worked in commercial and residential land development for a small engineering firm. She currently works on local and state transportation projects all over Utah. Erica loves to travel with her family - even through traveling with 3 young children can be an exercise in patience! Recent family vacation spots include California, Oregon, and Albera, Canada. Her family has driven the entirely of I-15 from California all the way to the Canadian border! She is currently serving her thrid year as the newsletter editor.

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History and Heritage

The National ASCE History and Heritage Committee gives the following charge:

“The History and Heritage Committee shall promote the civil engineering profession's history and heritage.”

We would like to propose the goal that the Utah Section recognizes a landmark individual at our annual society meeting next year (please note, this is a separate nomination than the engineer of the year type awards). As ideas come to mind, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Sample criteria of a landmark individual - a person of significance who:

  1. An engineer
  2. Was first to accomplish something new or noteworthy in engineering
  • Received an auspicious award, (Nobel peace prize, any notable award)
  1. Created an engineering organization
  2. Set, instituted or created a new precedent that changed or significantly influenced modern design practices (moment distribution, first to invent or create an engineering technique or method)
  3. Championed the cause of the civil engineering industry (Eisenhower creating the highway network)


Cody Palmer

As a brief introduction, I’ve been a member of ASCE for about 10 years for the most part serving as “just-a-member” of the society at large. A few years ago, with quite a bit of encouragement, I accepted the chance to serve as the Utah Section Secretary/Treasurer for a two year term. Since then I’ve enjoyed supporting and being supported by good leaders and members in my local branch. One of my mentors and a fellow society member encouraged me to serve on the History and Heritage Committee. I am glad for the opportunity to learn and serve with my peers and for the chance to give back in some small way to the profession and the community.

My favorite past-times are mainly learning and playing with my wife and 6 kiddos.

Some of our adventures this summer have been a few trips to my brother-in-law and sister’s dairy to feed baby calves, trying to keep the garden alive, and also a trip to the Black Hills to see Mt. Rushmore and the Needles Highway in the Custer National Forest.


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Wasatch Front Branch Update

Wasatch Front Branch Update

We are excited to kick off the 2020-2021 year and hope that it is a bit calmer than this last year.  We’d like to thank Guna for speaking to us on the “Future of Engineering” back in June.  We will be having our first branch meeting on October 16th.  Rob Sowby from Hansen Allen and Luce will be presenting to us on the subject of “Improving Water System Sustainability through Energy Management”.  Please watch for future communication on this event.  And of course we encourage all branch members to join us for the section meeting on September 18th

We’d love for you to get to know our branch leadership a bit better, both professionally and personally and we look forward to getting to know our members better throughout the year as well.



Wasatch Front Past President - Sarah Albano

Originally from Pennsylvania, I’ve been here in Salt Lake City for the past 13 years.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in geological engineering and I minored in Italian at Princeton University before taking a couple of years to teach math at tertiary and secondary schools in Singapore and Switzerland.  My master’s degree is in earth and space sciences from the University of Washington where I studied how groundwater can be a predictor of volcanic eruptions in unconfined aquifers at Mayon Volcano (Philippines) and Miyakejima Volcano (Japan).  Professionally my work has focused on soil and groundwater remediation at upland sites under both state and federal oversight.  I joined Integral Consulting Inc. in 2012 and have managed Superfund cleanups for municipal and private clients in the Pacific Northwest and the southeast.   I currently serve as my company’s quality assurance officer.  My husband, Damon, and I have two kids who are 9 and 6.  I enjoy skiing, knitting, hiking, and traveling- locally or further afield.  In addition to volunteering my time with ASCE, I have volunteered with the Sundance Film Festival several times over the years. 


Wasatch Front President - Michelle Haake

After graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah in 2013, I began working as a Project Engineer for HollyFrontier Refining in West Bountiful.  My favorite perks about the job is that no two projects are the same and there is vast opportunity for on the job training in many engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and instrumentation.  In my free time, I enjoy being with my family, party planning, decorating and most recently, bee keeping.  I have spent this last summer designing and building a tiny home in my back yard.


Wasatch Front President Elect - Britton Tveten

My name is Britton Tveten and I am a licensed civil engineer working for J-U-B Engineers, Inc. I specialize in transportation design and construction engineering management. I graduated from the University of Utah in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my career has been the ability to get outside and away from the desk. 

In my spare time I enjoy getting outdoors to camp, hike, fish and hunt. Most of the time I get to take my wife, 3 kids, and the dog on these outings. We often travel to the Pacific coast and the Pacific Northwest when the opportunity allows. One of my favorite places to go is a family owned cabin that has no modern amenities such as power or even water, the best part is no cell service either. This recent Labor Day we went to Strawberry Reservoir and camped for 4 nights.


Wasatch Front Secretary/Treasurer - Chad Kitchen

Chad Kitchen is a Regional Bridge Consultant for Contech Engineered Solutions and is responsible for promotional and technical support in Utah and Southern Idaho.  He earned his B.S. degree from Utah State University where he studied Landscape Design and Construction.  He began his career with Contech in 2007 and has been involved in a number of unique bridge projects with DOTs, local governments, and private developers.

Prior to working for Contech, Chad’s career revolved around the game of golf.  Not as a player, but as a Grounds Superintendent.  His love of the outdoors and affinity for landscape architecture propelled him into the golf course maintenance field.  He spent many years working at venues that include Thanksgiving Point, Cedar Hills Golf Club, and Alpine Country Club.

When he is not at work (and even sometimes when he is), Chad prefers to spend his time outdoors.  His favorite activities revolve around exploring and enjoying nature.  He can be found at the golf course playing nine holes on a weekday afternoon, pedaling up a slickrock mountain bike trail in the red rocks of Utah, or hiking up to a waterfall with his family. 

Chad appreciates the opportunity to help people.  Finding solutions that help solve engineering challenges and support infrastructure development, is fulfilling work.  He looks forward to serving in the ASCE to continue promoting the value of professional engineering.

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Northern Utah Branch Update

The Northern Utah Branch, like everyone, else is adjusting to the new mode of operation. Over the summer months our new board was able to meet twice to begin planning for the new year. Sam Odd with Logan City is this year’s President. Weston Bellon with JUB Engineers is the President Elect. Marcus Simons with JUB is the Past President and Thomas Hill with Sunrise Engineering is the Secretary/Treasurer. Also serving on the board are Kamilla Shultz and Alex Oliphant with Logan City, they serve as monthly luncheon/activity coordinator and membership coordinator respectively. The Northern Utah Branch is always looking for more help and future leaders so please contact us if you are interested in becoming more involved in ASCE.

This month our usual opening social is going to be a little different. Usually we would try to host a family picnic but this year in an attempt to stay socially distant we will be hosting a drive-through lunch where branch members will be able to grab a sack lunch, read a short article from the branch, and at least be introduced to the new branch leadership. Be looking for more information on this in the coming weeks.

We are trying to get our monthly technical luncheons started again in October. At least through the end of the calendar year we are planning on doing these remotely. If you have any topics that are of interest to you or know of someone that you would like to hear from please let us know. We are hoping to make these as beneficial as possible.



Northern Utah President - Sam Odd

I am excited to be serving as the President of the Northern Utah Branch of ASCE! For me ASCE has provided an opportunity to expand my professional network and meet with other outstanding individuals. I hope as president I can continue to foster this, and many other opportunities for our branch (even if a pandemic makes that extra hard). I work for the City of Logan in the engineering division and love watching project grow from casual ideas to complete infrastructure. When I’m not working I try to get outside, recently mountain biking has been a new hobby of mine. I’m still learning as my two broken arms will attest!

Northern Utah President Elect - Weston Bellon

Northern Utah Secretary/Treaseurer - Tom Hill

This is my second year serving as the secretary/treasurer for the ASCE North Utah Branch. I have enjoyed being able to serve and get to know other local professionals in the civil engineering field. I graduated from Utah State University in May 2019 with my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Since then, I have been working for Sunrise Engineering in their Cache Valley office as an assistant project manager. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially doing something outdoors.

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Central Utah Branch Update

The Central Utah Branch (CUB) finished off the month of August with a virtual luncheon and a presenter on the topic of sustainable return on investment. The presenter was Andrea Bohmholdt who is an economics manager at AECOM. There will be no scheduled luncheon for this month as the Utah Section annual meeting is scheduled for September 18th. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting and spread the flyer around to raise awareness. The meeting will be virtual with two keynote speakers and one CEU will be offered in attendance. The CUB plans to do a luncheon next month in October and is looking for anyone interested in presenting. In order to offer a CEU at the luncheon, we request that the presenter has his/her P.E. license and that presentation be 50-60 minutes long while leaving 10 minutes for questions. Please reach out to Zach Herbert if you are interested in giving a presentation at one of our luncheons. [email protected]



Central Utah Branch President - Zachary Herbert 

Zach grew up in Millcreek Utah while also visiting family in New Orleans every year for an occasional crawfish boil and beignet. He is a recent graduate from the University of Utah where he received a bachelor’s and master’s in civil and environmental engineering. During his masters he spent a month in Ecuador to research water quality contamination due to upstream mining activities. Zach joined the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) asset management group as a staff engineer in 2019 and has worked closely on large scale water distribution systems and hydroelectric powerplants. In addition to this, Zach currently works on research involving machine learning for long-term predictive operations of District reservoirs. Zach recently adopted a puppy during at-home quarantine and now spends his free time getting his face licked and playing tug rope. He currently serves as the president for the ASCE Central Utah Branch.

Central Utah Branch Past President - Blake Buehler

Blake grew up on a dryland wheat farm in southeastern Idaho. He studied civil engineering while attending college at Brigham Young University. Blake, currently a project engineer, has worked in the Asset Management Group at the Central Utah Water Conservancy District for over 8 years. In addition to his asset management duties, he acts as the project manager for the North Fork Siphon Replacement Project taking place in Hanna, Utah. Blake loves travelling and took the opportunity to participate in many study abroad trips at college, including visits to Israel, the South Pacific, and the Dominican Republic. Blake has continued this passion with his wife, and someday hopes to travel internationally with his two children (4 and 2). He currently serves as the Past President for the ASCE Central Utah Branch.

Central Utah Branch Secretary/Treasurer - Brandon Rogers

I have worked in the asset management group as a staff engineer at Central Utah Water Conservancy District for the past 4 years. Prior to that, I graduated in chemical engineering from BYU.

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Southern Utah Branch Update

After our summer vacation, the Southern Utah Branch of ASCE is teaming with the Dixie Storm Water Coalition to offer a luncheon and training session to introduce the Coalition's new LID Application Guidance Manual.

We will have two presenters and a round table discussion with representatives from the Dixie Storm Water Coalition member communities.

Tom Jorgensen, Ivins City Assistant Public Works Director of Administration, will introduce and provide an overview of the LID Guidance manual recently published by the Dixie Storm Water Coalition. The manual details the design standards and recommended storm water best management practices (BMPs) that are being implemented in member jurisdictions. The manual was developed in an effort to assist communities throughout Washington County to comply with recent changes to the statewide storm water discharge permit (MS4 permit) which regulates most municipalities in Utah.

The new LID manual establishes a minimum requirement of disconnecting site impervious areas from downstream storm drain facilities in order to encourage on-site infiltration. Clint Merrell from Bowen Collins and Associates will present a method the coalition has adopted for determining the runoff volume reduction that can be achieved by disconnecting impervious areas from downstream storm drains.

The meeting will be held in the Santa Clara City Hall Banquet Room on September 22, 2020. Attendance will be limited to 50 people. We plan on broadcasting and recording the training via Microsoft Teams. Details for joining the web meeting will be sent to registered attendees closer to the date of the meeting.

Attendees can register here:



Sothern Utah President - Clint Merrill

Clint grew up in the small desert city of Barstow, California – yes people do live there. Eventually, he made his way to Provo where he attended and graduated from BYU with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He met his wife, Jessica, in Multivariable Calculus where she was learning to be a Civil Engineer as well. He copied homework/courted her through Surveying, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, and Hydrology. After graduating he followed his wife to a job at Mott MacDonald where she designed bridges and he spent his time working on roadway and drainage designs on a number of UDOT projects. In 2015, after suffering through 7 years of winter in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, he finally convinced his wife and 3 children that they could survive the harsh summers in St. George. He is happy to be back in the desert and as close to his California family as he can be without leaving Utah. After a brief but enjoyable stint with Jviation in St. George, Clint decided to try to do something a little different has been with Bowen Collins and Associates in St. George since 2017. He enjoys nerdy things like 3d printing, drones, and electronics, but has also been known to take an occasional break from his desk for backpacking treks in the Sierra Nevadas.

Southern Utah President Elect - Dane Hurst 

Dane is a Project Engineer with Jviation and has worked as a designer for roadway and aviation projects for the past five years. As a proud Blanding boy, graduate of Utah State University, and resident of St. George, he has a special fondness for “the spot where the sage brush grows”. His favorite areas of professional practice include GIS and drainage engineering. If he loves his work for no other reason, it provides excuses to get be close to flowing water and flying airplanes (some things never get old). As an ASCE member and Southern Utah Branch President-Elect, he is excited to share his passion for the profession with others, especially with K-12 and university students. His primary goal in this role is to increase awareness of how civil engineering makes modern life possible and to showcase the diverse world of career opportunities within the profession.  When not at work, he is a DIY pro and enjoys seeing the outdoors in any way possible, especially with his family by his side.

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Younger Member Forum

Recap of Recent Events

2020 has been an unusual year for everyone, as well as our YMF. We have cancelled most of our in-person meetings, socials, and gatherings, while we are working on virtual events.

After years of effort, Utah YMF was finally awarded the host of 2022 Multi-Regional Leadership Conference (MRLC). This is a long time team effort, from our 2016-2017 President, Ashley McMillan, 2017-2018 President, Immanuel Aswandi, 2018-2019 President, Heather Hamilton, all board members, the ASCE Utah Section, Wasatch Front Branch, Central Utah Branch, Northern Utah Branch, and Southern Utah Branch. The honor belongs to all of us. We are so excited to bring this conference back to Utah in 2022!

Successfully we held our virtual officers’ transition meeting in late July, with a virtual internal social in the following week. We are working on to improve our members’ experience in virtual events and there are some on the way. Special thanks to our social chair, Matthew Nguyen, for putting all our events together in this unprecedented time.

The biggest event in YMF every year is the PE Review Course. We paused and cancelled the Spring 2020 PE Review Course due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this Fall, we are able to make this course in a new normal way. This time, we offer both online streaming and in-person course with a maximum occupancy of 10 people to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. We really want to express our sincere thanks to UDOT Region 2 again for hosting it and providing us the streaming service to all registrants. Also, we want to thank ASCE Utah Section, WTS Northern Utah Board, APWA Utah Section, ITE, and all our members and friends for the advertisement. We sincerely hope everyone who registered the PE Exam enjoys and nails it.

As usual, we are invited to Salt Lake Community College for presentations. This time, our President-elect, Taylor Hall, shared his professional working experience and ASCE Utah YMF events to our dear students. YMF is striving to bridge between college students and working professionals, as always. We believe these interactions will give our future engineers a better understanding of civil engineers and our effort to the community.

We also scheduled our first board meeting on September 16th. The President, Faramarz Safazadeh will discuss his approaches to all YMF events.

October Events:

The biggest thing in October for YMF is the PE Exam, we wish all candidates good luck on the exam.

As we successfully set up the date for WRYMC Salt Lake 2022, our planning committee will get together to discuss our duties to make it successful.

Most importantly, we are planning a social event to introduce our new administration, please check our website and our blast email for detailed information.

Lingkun Li, P.E.

ASCE Utah YMF, Past-President



Younger Member Forum President - Faramarz Safazadeh

Faramarz Safazadeh is a pavement engineer at PEPG consulting firm. He is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Utah in the Transportation and Highway Engineering group with an emphasis on asphalt pavement. He has experienced research and teaching background 
with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. His expertise is in the investigation of fatigue cracking via the evaluation of fractures in the viscoelastic medium.

Younger Member Forum President Elect - Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is a Geotechnical Engineer at Shannon and Wilson, Inc. and serves as the President-Elect for the ASCE YMF.  Taylor started his career in the Bay Area and worked for three years before moving to Utah five years ago.  Taylor is a professional engineer licensed in both California and Utah.  Taylor’s passion within the industry is focused towards public infrastructure projects, ground response under static and seismic loading, slope stability of rock and soil slopes, shoring and dewatering.  His hobbies outside of work vary seasonally but focus on being outdoors with his wife, Stephanie.  During the winter months, Taylor enjoys skiing both downhill and cross country.  When the ground is mostly free of snow, he enjoys endurance running, road and mountain biking, camping, and exploring the amazing adventures that Utah and the Intermountain West offers.

Younger Member Forum Treasurer - Krista Riester

Hi! My name is Krista, and I am the Treasurer for the Young Member Forum 2020-2021. I was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia; my family was military and moved around quite a bit. I predominately grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, spending lots of my summers at my family’s cabin in Ryan Park, Wyoming. I attended the University of Wyoming in Laramie, where I received a B.S. in Civil Engineering. While in Laramie, I learned how to rock climb and tried multiple different snow activities such as ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and snow camping. Some of them were more enjoyable than others. I will never recommend snow camping to anyone. After college, I stayed in Laramie working as a water resource engineer for about a year but decided that it wasn’t my passion. I later moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and took a position as a geotechnical engineer, which was my area of concentration during my degree. In my spare time, l enjoy visiting my family, who now lives in Wyoming, at our cabin where we go on fishing and hiking adventures. I like to quilt as well, which is a family tradition that I hope to pass on to future generations. Over the weekends, you can find me hanging out with friends playing Dungeons and Dragons or at home cuddling my very large cat.

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Structural Engineering Institute Chapter


Structural Engineering Institute Chair - Conrad Guymon

Welcome back from summer vacation.  We’re starting a new year, and we have been asked to make a few brief introductions.  I am continuing to serve as the chair of the Utah Section Structural Engineering Institute (SEI).

I graduated from Brigham Young University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a minor in Interior Design, and in 1996 with a Master’s of Engineering Management.  Conrad Guymon is a Model Law Structural Engineer holding professional licenses in thirteen states, including Structural Engineering licenses in Utah, California, Nevada, and Hawaii.  I am currently one of the principals at CKR Engineers in Orem.

Most of my professional work is for church, industrial and mining related projects, with a focus in renovation, capacity expansions and structural upgrades of existing facilities.  If it’s not a messy project where you get to play the hand you’re dealt, it probably won’t end up on my desk.  I like problem solving with all of the disciplines involved.  The most fun I have on a project is working with the owners, facility managers, contractors and other design professionals to find a workable solution.  Collaboration across disciplines is the best part of the job.

I coach high school mountain biking is what spare time I can carve out of work.  It’s a ton of fun, great for the riders, and I get to have fun too.  I’ve coached for seven years, and I’m currently the head coach for Timpanogos T-Wolf Cycling and on the board for Orem Youth Cycling Association.  We’re right in the middle of our season.  We have picked up third place trophies in our division at both season races.  Last race was a chain day (dropped of the chainring, in the spokes, and one broken).  Lot’s of fun.

I’m looking forward to serving.  Shoot me an email if you have ideas for potential webinar topics or how to further develop the Structural Engineering profession.  [email protected].

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Utah Geo-Institute Chapter

Utah Geo-Institute (G-I) Chapter by Brian Peterson, PE, and Ryan Maw, PE

As we move towards the beginning of Fall, we wanted to share the following update:

·         Given continued elevated COVID-19 risks, we have decided to move the planned Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Seminar on seismic earth pressures, liquefaction and deep foundation performance, and follow-up panel discussion to the Seismic Workshop last year to a series of online, virtual events. We are currently working through scheduling options and will provide an update once dates are selected.



Utah Geo-Institute Chair - Brian Peterson

Brian is serving as the Chair of the Utah Chapter of the Geo-Institute.  He is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University and dad to three girls.  He is also a Project Engineer at Gerhart Cole that enjoys getting his hands dirty and finding practical solutions to difficult geotechnical problems. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, playing basketball and snowboarding.

Utah Geo-Institute Vice-Chair - Ryan Maw

Ryan is serving as the Vice-Chair of the Utah Chapter of the Geo-Institute.  He is a proud graduate of Utah State University and dad to three girls.  He is also a Principal Engineer at Gerhart Cole that enjoys providing practical solutions to geotechnical challenges and geologic hazards on projects across the Intermountain West. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors hiking, mountain biking, rock hounding, fishing, and camping.

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Infrastructure Report Card

The ASCE Utah Infrastructure Report Card is moving along. The report card kicked off in November 2019 with a training session from ASCE Headquarters. The committee consists of retired engineers, working professionals, and BYU students. The report card will cover several infrastructure areas including Bridges, Canals, Dams, Hazardous Waste, Levees, Roads, Solid Waste, Stormwater, Transit, Wastewater and Drinking Water. The draft report card was sent to ASCE Headquarters in August 2020 for review by staff and the National Report Card Committee. Comments are expected back this month and our committee will finalize the report card and grade. The Utah Section plans to release the report card in December 2020 in a media event with State Legislators and the Governor.



Craig Friant - Report Card Committee Chair

My name is Craig Friant and I am the Utah Infrastructure Report Card Committee Chair. I have been involved in ASCE leadership for several years and started out on the Community Giving Committee in the Wasatch Front Branch. From there I served on the board for the Wasatch Front Branch and was the 2015-2016 Branch President. I also served on the Utah Section Board and was the 2018-2019 Utah Section President. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving in ASCE and meeting such amazing people. I think the friends I have make in ASCE are the highlight of my service. The Utah Section is full of great engineers and I have learned a lot from all of you. Serving on the Report Card Committee has been an eye-opening experience. We are reviewing the draft report card now and are scheduled to release it in December 2020. When I am not volunteering for ASCE I spend my days as a Transportation Project Manager for J-U-B Engineers, Inc. I have worked for J-U-B for 22 years in both the Orem and Salt Lake office. I have two daughters that are 21 and 19 and are both in college. My oldest is attending Utah State University and my youngest is attending Southern Utah University. Being an Empty Nester is a new experience, but we are getting used to it. I also have several hobbies. I love being outside and enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and riding my road bike. So far this year I have logged 1,000 miles on my bike.

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