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President's Report

President’s Message:

It’s hard to believe that we are heading into the Holiday season again and 2018 is just around the corner.  I was able to attend the Southern Utah Branch membership drive this last month and they had Blaine Leonard speak on Professional Engineering Licensure.  I always enjoy Blaine’s presentations I have seen a few since I have been involved with ASCE the past few years.  This particular one he shared some information about licensure in Utah, it’s always good to get a refresher course on the Laws that govern Utah licensure and also the rules.  He also gave us some insight of his involvement on the Professional Engineering Board for licensure and covered some disciplinary actions that can be taken along with some of the recent changes.

This last month I had the opportunity to share one of my favorite past times with my oldest daughter.  We were able to complete her hunter education requirements over the summer so she was able to participate in the general season muzzle loader deer hunt with me.  There is just something about being in the mountains just before the sun comes up and breathing in that cold crisp air that I enjoy.  We were able to see a few bucks and even ran across a few elk during our excursion.  One evening as we sat at the truck and worked on putting a game plan together for our hunt we heard an elk bugle in the same canyon we were sitting in, we both got excited, unfortunately we never did get to see that particular bull.  Even though our primary game was deer it is always fun to see a big bull.  Although we were not successful in filling our tag it was an amazing experience to spend a couple of days in the mountains with her.  We live and work in such a beautiful state and sometimes we get wrapped up in work and school and we don’t take advantage of it.  

            In closing as we head to the end of the year keep in mind that next year each of the subsidiary organizations along with the Utah section will be looking for people to run for leadership positions.  If you are interested in serving as an officer or if you know somebody that might be a good fit let us know.  We will have positions at the branch level and also at the section level.  It is with great volunteers that we are able to keep ASCE thriving in Utah.  I hope you are able to take some time this month to spend with family and friends and have a chance to enjoy this Thanksgiving season.


Anthony Schmid

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Technical Article

Active Transportation in Utah

Utah is an amazing place, and I really enjoy living and working here. One of the things I like most is that there are so many outdoor activities to do here. During my career, I have had opportunities to work on projects that improved the quality of life for residents and access the outdoors. I have become an advocate for Active Transportation and have worked on over 55 miles of projects associated with the planning, design and construction of trails, bike lanes, and other Active Transportation facilities.

I recently attended the 2017 UDOT Engineers Conference and sat in on a session entitled, “Walk with it, Roll with it” presented by Heidi Goedhart, UDOT’s Active Transportation Manager. This year the American League of Bicyclists ranked the State of Utah #8 in their Bicycle Friendly States ranking. The rankings are based on a survey taken by each States Department of Transportation, and focuses on the following five items:

  •          Infrastructure and Funding
  •          Education and Encouragement
  •          Legislation and Enforcement
  •          Policies and Programs
  •          Education and Planning

Utah has become a leader in the country for advocating for bicycling and Active Transportation. Utah recently designated and signed the first U.S. Bicycle Route in the Western United States. U.S. Bicycle Routes 70 and 79 span Southern Utah winding through seven counties from Colorado to Nevada. UDOT installed Green bicycle route marker signs in October 2016 to mark this new route. Bicycle Route 70 enters Utah on the eastern border west of Monticello on U.S. Highway 491, moves south to Blanding and then veers northwest passing near Natural Bridges National monument, over the Colorado River at Hite’s Crossing, eastward through Capitol Reef National Park, then bending south and west along All-American Road  and Scenic Byway  12.  The route passes Bryce Canyon National Park before moving to Scenic Byway 14 and descending below Cedar Breaks National Monument.  Bicycle Route 79 enters from Nevada near the town of Garrison on State Route 21 extending southeast through Milford toward Cedar City. If you are looking for a new adventure next summer, try riding some of this route and see Utah’s amazing scenery from the seat of your bike.

The State of Utah is not stopping at these bike routes. Governor Gary Herbert has set a goal for Utah to build over 1,000 miles of trail in the next 10 years. This is a lofty goal, but the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) in the state already have 900 miles of trails planned. The state is well its way. These facilities will range from paved urban trails to single track mountain biking trails.

As Engineers, we understand the benefit that capital improvement projects have on our local economy. UDOT has developed a method to evaluate the economic impact of Active Transportation facilities on the Utah economy, and they use it in the planning of their transportation systems. This method also includes health benefits. Measuring and evaluating the benefits of these types of projects helps governments understand how important it is to include Active Transportation in their overall planning efforts.

One of the most exciting things I learned at the UDOT Conference was the “Move Utah” program. This is UDOT’s new program to promote Active Transportation. The program focuses on all aspects of non-motorized transportation, including pedestrians. In fact, pedestrians take a prevalent role in this program. Their goal is to engage Utah communities to improve Active Transportation through education and planning. UDOT has partnered with the Utah Department of Health, Bike Utah, Utah Highway Patrol, and the Department of Public Safety. More information on this program will be coming out in the coming months so keep an eye out for it.

As Engineers, we can have a significant impact on the Active Transportation climate in our state. Canon 1 of ASCE’s Code of Ethics is to “Hold Safety Paramount.” It goes on to say, “Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and shall strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional duties.” As we plan and design transportation infrastructure we can no longer focus on just the automobile. Streets and roadways are public rights-of-way and all modes of transportation are allowed in these corridors. We need to evaluate the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicles in these corridors. The Complete Streets initiative has resulted in several methods and standards that can be used to safely accommodate all modes of transportation in our transportation systems.

Several published design guidelines and standards are available to Engineers as we work to improve our State’s transportation infrastructure. The most common are:

  •          AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities;
  •          AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities; and
  •          NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide.

In addition to these design guides, many cities, counties and states have their own policies and design guidelines for Active Transportation infrastructure. The local MPO’s in Utah also have Active Transportation plans that are available to Engineers and Planners as we work with our clients to plan and design effective transportation systems.

In closing, I suggest that we consider Active Transportation as we move forward in our projects. Not all projects should include an Active Transportation component, but as we take the time to consider it, we may find ways to add value to the project and improve the quality of life for our communities.

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Wasatch Front Branch Update

October was a good month for the ASCE Wasatch Front Branch.  On October 20th we had Mr. Nico Sutmoller from Aerix Industries present on Cellular Concrete at our monthly luncheon.  There was some great discussion on how both pervious and impervious cellular concrete can be incorporated into our projects.  The Community Giving Committee met and is in the planning stages of hosting our annual Sub for Santa.  Look for more information on this great fundraiser at our November Luncheon and in upcoming emails.  On November 17thour monthly luncheon will be hosed by the ASCE Student Branch at Salt Lake Community College.  The speaker will be Mr. Ken Talbot, (Engineering Manager for UDOT), and Eric Rasband (Transportation Project Manager for UDOT).  They will be speaking on “Salt Lake Valley Mobility Projects with Future Traffic Patterns.”  The luncheon will be Oak Room of the Student Union Building, (4600 S. Redwood Rd.), from 11:30am to 1:00pm.

J. Darren Burton P.E.

ASCE Wasatch Front Branch President

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Northern Utah Branch Update

Northern Utah Branch- November Update

The Northern Utah Branch’s November meeting was held at the USU Water Lab where Dr. Michael Johnson discussed the Lab’s role researching repair options of the Oroville Dam Spillway. A demonstration for the 30 participants followed. Comments from attendees were positive.

On November 15, the NUB will meet at the Bluebird restaurant in Logan for a presentation by Grant Urban of Penetron. Grant will be discussing performance and use of Penetron’s crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture. We will assemble at 11:45- lunch is Dutch (pay for your own).

The board continues to work on providing diverse monthly training topics and is trying to find ways to expand reach to extended areas within the branch. Our next board meeting is scheduled for November 13th where we will determine the topic for December’s meeting.

Thanks again to all that participated in October’s event.

-Tom D.

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Younger Member Forum

The Fall BBQ on Friday, October 13th at Sugarhouse Park was very well-attended. Thank you very much for all who attended. We also had pumpkin painting contest. It is one of ASCE Utah YMF annual-events where all members are able to socialize and catch up with each other. Thank you also to ASCE Wasatch Front Branch for co-hosting this event with us.

Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) is coming! It will be held from January 11-14, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.  Check out the WRYMC website for information about the program, pre-conference tours, awards banquet, hotel info, and conference registration. Registration is open! ASCE Utah YMF is more than happy sponsoring when you join the board committee. Let us know at asceutahymf@gmail.comif you’re interested. If you have any issues you would like to put before the ASCE Board? We are the right channel to give you a voice within ASCE! Don’t hesitate to let us know.

Holiday season is coming and it is a popular time for charitable donations. Plan you charity with us! ASCE Utah YMF is planning in co-hosting with ASCE Wasatch Front Branch (WFB) for Sub-for-Santa this year. Sub-for-Santa program aims to provide as many items on each child’s need list as it can, making the wish lists secondary. We have selected the family, but more details to come!

We want you in ASCE Utah YMF. If you (or know somebody) have not received any email from us, sign up to our email list ( For sure, you will get the information for the next activity.

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Central Utah Branch Update

The Central Utah Branch enjoyed a very interesting presentation from Eric Franson with Franson Civil Engineers for our monthly meeting in October.  Eric discussed the Last Chance Diversion Dam project on the Bear River.  The project replaced a 100-year-old timber crib dam near Grace, Idaho, with a 180-foot-long roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam. The dam acted as a diversion structure for the Last Chance Canal Company, diverting water from the Bear River. It was deteriorating and there were fears the dam would fail and the irrigators would suffer crop loss. The project provides a secure source of water for users, and reduces maintenance associated with the deteriorating dam.

Our November luncheon will be this Thursday, Nov. 16th at noon at the Eleve’ Events Center at 439 South Pleasant Grove Blvd, in Pleasant Grove, Ut.  We are looking forward to hearing from Dr. Jim Nelson who’s presentation is titled "Enabling National and Global Hydrologic Modeling in the Era of Big Data and Cloud Computing." 

Please plan to join us, and bring a colleague!  We would love feedback on speaker ideas from our members so let us know if you have a suggestion or are willing to speak on a project you are working on.  If you are not receiving our emails with meeting date and time information please contact our Secretary, Steven Lord to make sure we have a correct email address for you.  

Jeff Egbert, 2017-2018 President, Central Utah Branch

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Southern Utah Branch Update

Last month we had our membership drive with a free luncheon and had a nice turnout.  Blaine Leonard, Department of Professional and Occupational Licensing and a former Utah Section and ASCE National President, did a great job discussing professional licensing.   We had quite a few people in attendance that are interested in joining ASCE, so it was a great luncheon.  

We had our November luncheon this past Tuesday.  Chris Mikell, Bowen Collins and Associates, gave a presentation on groundwater well design and rehabilitation.  We had a good turnout and appreciate Chris sharing his knowledge and expertise with the branch.  

Our next luncheon will be held on Thursday, December 14, at the DXATC Emergency Training Response Center, 610 South Airport Road, Room 1E, at 12:00.  This is our annual Christmas luncheon so we won’t have a presenter.  Look for an announcement the first part of December. 

We have been working with the Southern Utah APWA Branch in planning the annual APWA/ASCE conference with topics and presenters that will hopefully be of interest to the engineers in our area.  It will be on February 14-16, 2018.  Look for an announcement to come out in the near future.  

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family! 

Kirt McDaniel, P.E.

Southern Utah Branch President

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Utah Geo-Institute Chapter

Utah Geo-Institute (G-I) Chapter  By Ryan Cole and Ryan Maw

This past month we had the opportunity to do a geotechnical outreach presentation to the next generation of Civil Engineering studies at Salt Lake Community College.  We are still working on lining up dates for events starting again after the first of the year and will have additional information next month. 

As we move towards the Thanksgiving Holiday and end of the year we wish to thank you for the support this past year in participation with various events, meetings, and presentations.  Specifically, we express our thanks for the support and corroborations with other organization including ASCE, AEG, UGA, EERI, SEI, SEAU, UGS, BYU, USU, the U, and UDOT.

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We would like to make you aware of an upcoming Remediation Workshop on Tuesday, November 14th in Salt Lake City, UT.  Over 10,000 environmental professionals have attended a Remediation Workshop on 4 continents, and there is no charge to attend.  These half-day, technical workshops cover a range of soil & groundwater remediation topics.  Attendees will also receive a hot buffet lunch and 4 PDHs.


11:15 - Registration, hot buffet lunch is served, and networking with exhibitors

11:45 - Welcome from a Workshop Representative

12:00 – John Menatti, Utah DEQ – “Utah DEQ/DERR Regulatory Update”

12:15 – Erin Van Dell – “Remote Monitoring Made Real Time”

12:55 – Derek Pizarro - “Dissolved Heavy Metals: In-Situ Stabilization and Attenuation Technologies Utilizing Granular Reagents”

1:35 - BREAK

2:00 – John Fontana – “High Resolution Site Characterization Tools for Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Design”

2:40 – Jesse Taylor – “Combined Remediation Technology Synergies”

3:20 - BREAK

3:35 – Kerry Sublette – “Incorporating Molecular Biological Tools into Site Management”

5:00 - After-hours networking hosted by EnviroWorkshops

Salt Lake City Workshop Location – Tuesday, November 14th

Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City Airport - 4975 Wiley Post Way, Salt Lake City 


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